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Welcome to Annur Skin Specialist Clinic

Get the best consultation and treatment specially from our experienced dermatologists

Annur Skin and Allergy Specialist Clinic has been providing professional skin treatments since 2006 to serve the surrounding locals in Bangi. We aim to provide the best care for your skin needs. We are affiliated to Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi, therefore we share the same mission of providing sustainable syariah compliant healthcare services where trusted professional care is our priority. We deliver only the best treatments for your skin conditions!


Our clinic is back in action! Please call ahead for an appointment in the clinic. We also have a range of services provided in our clinic to help you with your skin conditions.

Stay home, stay safe. Care for your skin from the comfort of your home. We provide online consultations with our skin specialists. To consult, please contact or whatsapp: +6019-3559122, +6019-3826120 or +6019-2059122. And do not worry! If you require any medications, we can courier them to your doorstep! To know more about our consultation services, click here.

If you have a history of allergy, urticaria and eczema, and are having questions about covid-19 vacine allergy, you may consult our skin specialists online. To know more about COVID-19 vaccine and allegies, click here.